Friday, November 1, 2013

October 21st Meeting Summary

Here is a summary of the items on the October 21st Special Called Meeting Agenda
  1. Form Based Code - Review of changes from previous worksession.  Motion was made to refer document as submitted to Planning Commission for review and comment  
    1. Passed 6-0 
  2. FY 2013 Budget Amendments - First read on adjustments to FY 2013 revenue and expense budgets.
  3. Public Hearing - rezoning 5407 Buford Highway - Hearing to rezone property from C2 to M1.  Motion was made to defer the public hearing to November 4th based upon a request from the applicants agent of record.
    1. Passed 6-0 

Meeting was adjourned at worksession was opened.

  1. Retirement Plan Revisions - Presentation was made regarding possible changes to our retirement plan.  Various proposals on changing from Defined Benefit plan (DB) to a Defined Contribution plan (DC) with different vesting schedules and employee contribution and city match.  Requested additional information for future meeting.
  2. Architectural Design Standards - November 12th date was set for Architectural Design Standards worksession
  3. Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) - Presentation was made on CIP projects and possible financing options and 5-year plan.  Detailed project list was sent to council for ranking and compilation for future meeting.  Deadline for council submission is November 4th.
  4. Stormwater Infrastructure Policy - Deferred to November 18th
  5. CMA Contract - Requested additional information to review and evaluate proposal.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.

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