Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 4th Meeting Summary

Here is a summary of the items on the November 4th Regular Meeting Agenda
  1. Public Hearing - rezoning 5407 Buford Highway - Hearing to rezone property from C2 to M1.  Second request was made to defer the meeting. 
    1. Motion was made to defer the public hearing to November 18th based upon a request from the applicants agent of record.  Failed for lack of second
    2. Motion was made to deny the re-zoning request.  Motion passed 6-0
  2. Ordinace to Remove Employee Policies from Code - With the City Manager in place, all employment decisions are up to the City Manager.  
    1. Motion was made to remove the employee handbook from code.  Passed 5-1 (Fleming no)
  3. Second Read on FY 2013 Budget Amendment - Adjust the revenue, some department budgets, and separate restricted funds based upon additional revenues and/or expenses.
    1. Motion was made to approve - Passed 4-2 (Fleming and Dean no)
  4. Variance Request - Fence at 2582 Addions Dr. - Applicant's fence company installed the fence in the front yard at 6 foot and without a permit.  Front yard fences are maximum 4 feet.
    1. Motion was made to deny the variance - Passed 5-1 (Fleming no)
  5. Text Amendment Discussion on C2 Car Dealerships - Discussion on adding car dealeships back into C2 with specific restrictions on being an authorized name dealership.  
    1. Motion was made to send concept to staff and PC for review and recommendation.  Passed 5-1 (Dean no)

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.

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