Friday, November 1, 2013

Negative Campaign Tactics - My Thoughts

It is unfortunate when an individual or individuals believe that they must be negative or disparaging duing an election.  If you cannot run on what you have accomplished or on a set of ideas and beliefs, then perhaps you are not the best person to run for public office, don't stoop to attacking others, but have a civilized debate and disucssion on the issues and ideas.

This week, Doraville was unfortunately on the receiving end of negative campaign tactics, not directed at me per se, but at Dawn O'Connor, my opponent in my re-election bid for Post 2 on the Doraville City Council.  Signs were placed around the city that made some pretty inaccurate and far reaching statements about her and are just not true.  The perpetrators are cowardly at best and I feel sorry for them.

Unfortunately, in addition to disparaging Dawn, the rumors started that I was behind the signs and running a negative campaign.  Perhaps that was the true intent, we may never know.

The bottom line, I find negative campaign tactics to be juvenile, reprehensible, and unbecoming of quality elected officials.  I have nothing but respect for Dawn and her husband Joe who has served the city well on our Planning Commission and I would not jeopardize our friendship by doing something that is quite frankly beneath me.

Soon all this will be behind us and we can go about our regular lives and hopefully, some day soon, those who believe in tearing down will learn a lesson and start to build-up instead.

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