Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16 Zoning Hearing and Subsequent Worksession

Here is a summary of the item on the September 16th Zoning Meeting

Conditional Use Permit Hearing for Church at 2000 CLearview Avenue Suite 214 - a previous CUP was issued for the same applicant for suite 116.  However, that space was not built-out and applicant failed to get building permit and chose not to go through the expense of renovation.  Suite 214 was built out and landlord agreed to relocate applicant.  A new CUP for the new suite was requested:
    1. Motion was made to allow the CUP with conditions of no outside events  
      1. Passed 5-1  Dean voting no
City Initated Rezoning to nullify the previously approved CUP for Suite 116 - As part of the issuance of the CUP for suite 214, a motion was made to remove the CUP for suite 116.
    1. Motion was made to repeal the CUP for suite 116  
      1. Passed 5-1  Fleming voting no

Meeting was adjourned at 7:16 p.m. and we moved into the worksession.

No action was taken during the worksession.

Discussion Items:

Zoning Review Update - Requested specific zoning sections to be brought before council for policy discussion and vote.

Court Cost Adding Process Fee - Requested additional information on other cities and what, if any, processing fees they charge.

Architectural Standards - Discussion of issues with existing drafts, versions 1 and 2; need for photographs and write standards to accomodate vision; match with comp plan; and review local neighboring cities arch standards.

Stormwater Infrastructure - Discussion on ordinance draft to clearly state what the city is responsible for with regards to stormwater systems and associated repair and maintenance.

CMA Presentation - Presentation on micro-cell sites that would replace or reduce need for cell towers.  More information was requested.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:20.

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