Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 19th Meeting Summar

Here is a summary of the items on the August 19th Worksession Agenda

  1. Application for Conditional Use, Laundromat at 3658 Shallowford Road - Public hearing was completed.  Vote was deferred to August 21st.
  2. Application for Conditional Use, Church at 2000 Clearview Ave, Suite 214 - Public hearing was completed.  Vote was deferred to September 16th.
We then moved into the prioritization list of council and staff items.  Two items were moved up, items t and u.
  1. t. Temporary Structures/Pop-Up Canopies - Item was referred to legal for review of existing prohibitions and recommendations for allowing short-term usage.
  2. u. Text Amendment to 23-702, Averaging or setbacks - Legal asked council questions regarding intent and was deferred until August 21st to talk about city vision.  In general zoning items were referred to Community Development and Legal for recommendations on additional associated and necessary code changes.   
  3. c. Architectural Standards - Set for September 16 Worksession
  4. d. Arts and Cultural Commission - Draft structure to council in 60-90 days
  5. e. CIP (Capital Improvement Plan) - Inventory of needs presented to council.  Prioritization and ranking to be done in the next 30 days.  Revisit in September.
  6. f. Court Cost Addition - Referred to legal
  7. g. Credit Card Fees - Moved to September 3rd voting meeting for action.
  8. h. Dunwoody Crosswalk - Deferred for additional information
  9. i. EMS Services - Informational only
  10. j. Financial Policies - Draft policies coming to council for review
  11. k. Fire Service - Deferred for additional information
  12. l. Independent Library - Informational only
  13. m. Ordinance for Demolition of Condemned Property - Referred to legal for drafting and presentation to council.
  14. n. Personnel Policy - Draft policies coming to council for review.
  15. o. Access to IQM2 Agenda software - council dais will be getting attached laptops for agenda use, additionally will allow PC and other commissions and boards to access and use.  Council will be getting tablets for electronic voting and access to agenda materials.
  16. p. Resurfacing contracts - Referred to City Manager and Mayor for discussions with DeKalb on prioritization of roads to be resurfaced.
  17. q. Retirement plan - scheduled for October discussion
  18. r. Sign Ordinance Revisions - set for October discussion
  19. s. Storm Water - part of CIP review
  20. t and u were addressed earlier
  21. v. Third Party Interior Inspection of Multi-Family Dwellings - referred to legal to draft and present to council.
  22. w. Traffic Study - Referred to PD, City Manager, and review of GEMA requirements for Tanker safety.
  23. y. Vacant and Foreclosed Registry - Referred to City Manager for review with Clark Patterson Lee,  City of Norcross, and DeKalb County for review of internal vs. external registry requirements and enforcement action.
  24. z. Zoning Code Revisions - legal, Community Development and City Manager are undertaking review to address code that may be in conflict with State law or other code sections within.  recommendations coming to council for review and the through PC and ZPA.

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