Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15, 2013 Meeting Summary

Here is a summary of the voting items on the 7-15-2013 meeting agenda:

  1. Surplus Property Policy - (provides options for staff to dispose of property the city no longer, needs, wants, and for some items related to items seized by PD)
    1. Passed 6-0
  2. First read on ordinance regading Disposition of Property, Second read and vote August 5, 2013
  3. Re-Zoning of 5859 New Peachtree from C2 to CT.  
    1. Passed 4-2, Alexander and Dean voting no
  4. Conditional Use Permit, Teen Dance Club at 5938 Buford Highway, Plaza One
    1. Failed 6-0
  5. Urban Redevelopment Plan I Ammendment for 5999 New Peachtree Road
    1. Passed 5-1, Dean voting no
  6. Rules and Proceedures for Council Meetings -(Modifies the agenda order, clarifies rules for Executive Session, changes 2nd meeting of month to a work session, clarifies public comment time and topics for regular meetings and work sessions, etc.)
    1. Passed 4-2, Dean and Fleming voting no
  7. Second read on ordinance revising agenda proceedures - (change deletes existing ordinance and references new policy)
    1. Passed 4-2, Dean and Fleming voting no
  8. Second read on ordinance regarding purchasing and bidding proceedures - (change deletes existing outdated process and replaces with purchasing policy that was adopted)
    1. Passed 5-1, Fleming voting no
  9. Vote on outsourcing building permit, plan review, inspections, and code enforcement to Clark Patterson Lee for one-year contract - (provides for 3rd party contract to handle all permit and inspection related items for City Hall as well as all code enforcement.  City Hall will be staffed with full-time regular personnel from Clark Patterson Lee for all permit and inspection related matters in addition to additional employees to conduct inspections, plan review, and serve as the city's Building Official.  Additionally, 2 full-time Code Enforcement Officers will be employed, to cover the city 7 days a week.)
    1. Passed 4-2, Dean and Fleming voting no

Additional items:

  • Gu's Bistro was recognized as the June Business of the Month.  They are located in Doraville Plaza and were named in the AJC as one of Atlanta's Top 50 Restaurants recently.
  • Traffic Study was moved to the August 19th Work Session Meeting

If any questions, please feel free to contact me directly, I can be reached via email at brian.bates@doravillega.us or via cell at 678-358-6830.

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