Thursday, February 9, 2012

Upcoming Elections - City and Republican Primary

For Doraville voters, in the last week you should have received a letter from Deborah Christian, Election Coordinator/Absentee, for DeKalb County regarding the upcoming election on March 6th.

On March 6th there are TWO (2) separate elections taking place and will require you to go to TWO (2) different polling places.

For the Republican Presidential Primary, you will need to go to your regular polling place, Cary Reynolds or Hightower Elementary Schools.

For the City of Doraville Special Election to fill the District 1 post, you will need to go to Doraville City Hall.  This is required due to the qualifying periods for the Doraville Special election and the Presidential Primary were significantly different and the ballots for DeKalb County had already been printed for that election.

While it is an inconvenience, both elections are important, please be sure to vote at City Hall to elect our next City Councilman from Post 1.  If you would like to get an absentee ballot for either or both elections, you may request one at the DeKalb Election site.

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