Monday, February 7, 2011

Remembering Mayor Ray Jenkins

Today we laid to rest our Mayor.  While words are difficult to come by, one of our residents, Susan Crawford, summed up the day perfectly. 

 Thank you Susan for such beautiful imagery!
It was a gray morning, but the lights were bright inside the church.  Every pew was filled, every chair, and still people stood against back walls. The pipers piped. The singer sang. Friends and family and officials spoke, each delivering a memory, a glimpse, adding a small bright chip to the kaleidoscope of Ray’s life, a dash of color. They were all there – all the players from all the teams, streaming into the aisle after the service with puffy eyes and outstretched hands, hugging on the lawn outside. The police led the funeral procession, lights blazing, blue and bright, along the streets of Doraville, past the plant, past the library, the civic center, and finally City Hall. They edged onto a Buford Highway magic-wanded into silence, a sea of stopped cars frozen at the peak of noonday clamor, and then, without a backward glance, turned onto the highway to escort the mayor home.

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