Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 3, 2011 Meeting - Council Action Taken and Results

III. APPROVE MINUTES: 11/29/10, 12/06/10 - Approved both minutes 5-0


Mayor Pro-tem advised that the Mayor was ill and would not be in attendance at the meeting.

Mayor Pro-tem - Re-appointed Councilman Donna Pittman as Mayor Pro-Tem for 2011
Resolution Commending DeKalb Community Development Department - Postponed until 1/17/11
Various Contract Extension Amendments for 2011  - Approved a number of contract extensions:
MARTA Offset contract Passed 5-0
Keck & Wood for MARTA Offset Passed 4-1 (Fleming dissent)
Cotangent Technical Services for sidewalk demo and construction Passed 5-0
TSW for LCI study completion Passed 5-0
Empowerment Energy Technology and GEDA/DOE Energy Efficient Community Block Grand Passed 5-0

V. REPORTS: Department Heads/Staff

Finance-Open Insurance RFPs  - Opened and referred to Finance Director Wilson for review and recommendations.
Recreation-Check Presentation to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta - $2,100 check presentated from 2010 Road Race.
-LWCF Grant Resolution - Approved pending final language



1. Sanitation Code Section-Maria Alexander - Moved to worksession

2. Architectural Design Standards-Karen Pachuta - Tentatively scheduled for January 26, 2011 at Hightower Elementary

3. Doraville Legislative Agenda-Brian Bates - Needing recommendations from Council on Homestead Exemption Level for Resolution approval.

4. Yeshiva -Legal - Authorized Attorney Weed to send denial letter to Yeshiva.  Await Mayor and Public Works cost estimate for 5' sidewalk from driveway to driveway.

5. Exempt Employees and Salary Study-Brian Bates  - Awaiting proposal from ARC for salary and position comparison proposal.

6. Massage Ordinance Final-Council - Approved massage ordinance limiting number to 4 per 10,000 residents along with regulatory requirements and fees Passed 5-0.  Approved CSTTM (foot massage) language limiting them to 4 per 10,000 residents Passed 3-2 (Alexander, Pachuta dissent).  Additional work on regulatory fees and restrictions for CSTTM will be undertaken at 1/10/11 worksession.


1. Deletion of Section 6-8 & 6-9 Crematories and Palmistry-Maria Alexander - First reading was done.

2. Hearing Procedures for Regulated Businesses-Karen Pachuta - First reading was done.

3. Alcohol Ordinance 2010-31 & 2011 Application-Pam Fleming - Modified the employee permit application to reflect 2010 renewal application.  Instructed City Clerk, City Attorney, Police Chief to review and adjust as necessary the 2011 Alcohol License Application.  Modified the requirements for employees that needed to get employee alcohol permit.

4. Create City Administrator Position Reporting to Council-Bob Roche - Motion to create City Administrator position failed 3-2 (Alexander, Bates, Pachuta dissent).

5. Zoning Appropriateness - Bob Roche (added by modifying the agenda to include) - Eliminated $50 fee for "Appropriateness" review for Occupational Tax Renewals.  Fee applies for new businesses only.  Businesses who may have already paid $50 fee can have it applied towards Occupational Tax fee or recieve a refund.  Passed 5-0


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