Friday, January 21, 2011

DeKalb County School Redistricting

Last night there were well over 800 people at the Chamblee High School meeting on the proposed options for redisctricting and school closures.  In fact there were way more people then they were equipped to handle.

If you were not able to particpate or want another means to voice your opinion, there are several options for residents, parents, and concerned stake-holders to voice your opinion on the matter.  They are listed below.

From my perspective, based on the proposed plans, Centralized and De-Centralized options, neither address the concerns for Doraville.  We continue to remain in the Cross Keys district, even though they will be building a new and larger Chamblee High School.

I get criticized for promoting change within our school districts and where our kids go to school.  With most every person I ask, who has children, when they are looking to relocate and buy a house, the number one consideration is schools.  This is a critical component in addressing our rental rate, business mix, and moving our city forward.

There is no good explanation on why the majority of our children have to travel 7-10 miles to go to high school when Chamblee is just over 3 miles away.

Doraville needs to tell the School Board that this plan is not acceptable and that Doraville needs to be considered, as a community.  Chamblee High district makes complete sense on so many levels.

Here are your options for future input:

Online Survey Closes on January 30th at midnight

Maps and other information from the DeKalb 2020 and Redisctricting process

February 7th - School Board Meeting, Superintendent Presents Recommendations

March 1 & 3 - Formal Public Hearings - Administrative and Instructional Complex auditorium 6:30 p.m.

March 7th - School Board Meeting, Approval of Redistricting and Closure Recommendations.

You can also email the School Board Members, with one-click, courtesy of John Heneghan, Dunwoody City Councilman and his Blog.

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