Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Zip for Doraville?

With Dunwoody eyeing a unified zip code of 30338 should Doraville follow suit?  Ths US Postal Service indicates that zip codes only aid in delivering mail, however, zip codes are used for many other things aside from mail delivery.  The include: crime statistics; real estate data; demographic studies; insurance rate adjustments; and I am sure the list goes on and on.

At present, Doraville has 3 zip codes.  The largest is 30340 which also encompasses much of unincorporated DeKalb County.  Second largest is 30360 and the smallest, encompassing only the GM properties and properties along PIB but inside of 285 is 30341 (Chamblees primary zip code).

If Dunwoody would be successful in merging into 30338, would Doraville benefit from picking up the 30360 zip code for all of Doraville?

Purely from demographic studies, crime statistice and other real estate related matters, our own zip would most likely benefit our city immensely by eliminating the unincorporated areas, which surround our city, from the study parameters.

Your thoughts?  Should Doraville follow suit and try for our own zip code and if so, which?  30340 or 30360?


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  2. Well, I'm biased to 30340, but I think it would depend on which zip code has more unincorporated DeKalb County in it, compared to how much Doraville it has in it.

    One other consideration would be how many businesses are in 30340 and in City of Doraville, because it's going to be a slightly bigger expense for businesses.

    I'm strongly in favor of getting a unified City of Doraville zip code, though, since it's used for EVERYTHING in the world of categorizing data about the city/county/state.