Friday, March 5, 2010

CFII Run/Walk in Doraville - Adopt an Officer -April 24th

A few weeks ago a representative from CFII (Center for Financial Independence & Innovation, Inc.) approached the City Council about doing the innaurgural Financial Fitness 5K on April 24th.

Ms. Fleming had been working with the group as well as Charlene Fang with Touchmark Bank to bring the run to Doraville.

Great idea and during the presentation, the representative agreed to reimburse the city for the cost of police for traffic control and security.

Unforuntately, there was some miscommunication amongst several parties and the event was in danger of moving.  CFII had not budgeted enough to cover the estimated costs and the City of Doraville has an ordinance in place that requires events such as this to apply for and receive a "Special Events Permit" and reimburse the city for costs such as traffic control, security, cleaning, and other items.

We cannot treat one organization differently than others and as a result, could not reduce or waive the reimbursement requirement as set forth by the ordinance.  Mr. Roche and others have agree to personally help offset the costs associated in an effort to help make this inaugural event a success.

But we need just a bit more . . so I am issuing a challenge . . .the largest reimbursement expense is security and obviously you don't want to minimize that and place participants in potential danger . . .  so, I would like to find 5 people who are willing to "adopt an officer" and make a donation to CFII to help them offset the costs of the race.  The "adoption" fee is $100.

If you want to participate, please let me know privately and I will share with you where to make your donation.  I will plan on listing the donors on my  blog unless you advise me you wish to be anonymous.

Thanks for all who worked to bring this event to our city and for all who have worked diligently to resolve this.

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