Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

To get to Dunwoody of course!  According to Heneghan's Blog:
Next month the City Council will decide whether or not to allow Dunwoody homeowners to raise six to eight chickens in their backyard. There are already half a dozen families with children doing this in Dunwoody and their chicken coops are attractive and odor-free. The chickens are a kid-magnet in each neighborhood and the locally produced organic eggs are a prize in certain circles. Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Roswell, Atlanta and Decatur all allow small numbers of backyard chickens. The Dunwoody Planning Commission recommended approval unanimously. If you would like to learn more about backyard chicken raising check out this link.
I know there was a big debate on the NNA and ONA sites a few months ago about chickens . . . some cried foul about the whole thing and others thought the idea quite plucky. No matter which side of the coop you roost on, I am sure that this will hatch another debate.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this up, Brian! I'm the one who started the big debate last time...LOL. Personally I think it's high time we made chickens legal in Doraville and that way we can have some say in how it is done, and give educational workshops and that sort of thing. More and more cities are realizing that locally grown food is a great thing in more than just the obvious ways, and chickens are a great addition to a home garden.

    There is a wonderful local guy who calls himself "The Chicken Whisperer" and he's a real evangelist for the backyard chicken movement. He and his wife keep chickens at their Alpharetta home and they give workshops on how to care for chickens in the city. They've also helped other cities ease the transition by speaking at council meetings and helping to craft ordinances. I can get in touch with him and ask him to speak if you're interested.