Saturday, February 13, 2010

Forces of Nature at Fernbank

I am fascinated by weather phenomenon and natural occuring events.  They are awe-inspiring, terrifying, and amazing all rolled-up into one.  With the recent natural disasters and as we get closer to our own Spring tornado season, now is a great time to educate everyone about natural disasters and how to adequately prepare for them.

Now through May 27, Fernbank Natural History Museum is showing the IMAX movie "Forces of Nature". 
Experience the awesome spectacle of earthquakes, volcanoes and tornados, and witness the death-defying science behind the Earth’s fiercest powers as the ground moves, mountains explode, and the sky turns black and violent. Get a firsthand look at some of the most incredible forces of nature in this large-format film by National Geographic.
 Additionally, now through May 2, Fernabank has a special exhibit called "Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters"

Discover the science behind the forces that make the Earth shake, rattle and roll in Fernbank’s newest special exhibition. Learn how—on a planet fueled by heat—tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes are simply signs that the engine is running.

Witness what it’s like to stand inside a roaring tornado; trigger an underwater earthquake and simulate a tsunami; create a virtual volcano; touch and examine real rock and lava specimens; discover how people adapt to living at risk; and witness the resiliency of disaster survivors. The exhibition shows that while storms, volcanoes, and other forces of nature are formidable, they are completely natural phenomena. Whether they're disasters or not depends on the choices we make. Nature Unleashed examines how we can prepare for, and potentially minimize, the impact of nature’s fury.

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