Saturday, February 27, 2010

DeKalb School Closings - Target List

In case you have not seen the list of possible school closings, I have found the Citizen's Planning Task Force presentation that was made February 9, 2010.  It is interesting to read how they calculated attendance/enrollment and their data on "mobility".  It looks like the next meeting is possibly March 4th.

Here are the list of 23 Elementary Schools that could be on the chopping block:


2.Atherton ES
3.Avondale ES
4.Bob Mathis ES
5.Clifton ES
6.Columbia ES
8.Flat Shoals ES
9.Gresham Park ES
11.Jolly ES
12.Kelley Lake ES
14.Meadowview ES
15.Midway ES
17.Rainbow ES
18.Sky Haven ES
20.Toney ES
21.Brockett ES
22.Midvale ES
23.Smoke Rise ES

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