Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Council Meeting Results - 2/1/10

The following items were addressed and voted on at the City Council Meeting on 2/1/10:

Mayor’s Day Committee Report: Councilwoman Alexander gave a report on House Bill 558 and Senate Bill 295.  HB 558 would allow areas that are annexed in the future to de-annex if promises made were not fulfilled.  This bill would not impact the General Motors plant at present.  We are concerned about a DeKalb County Resolution that would allow for any property owner to choose to de-annex without the municipalities approval.  This will need to bee watch carefully and make sure it doesn't gain any traction.  SB 295 would eliminate local municipalities from running radar on Federal Highways.  This would include I-285 and Buford Highway.  Speed enforcement would be left up to Georgia State Police.  As Ms. Alexander pointed out, GSP would not be the primary respondent for accidents, road debris, etc. Nor would they patrol the areas regularly or in the case of Buford Highway, at all.  This bill also needs to be watched.

Financial Education & Disability Road Race April 24th-5 minute presentation:  A presentation was made by Center for Financial Indepndence to hold a 5k road race on April 24th.  A motion was made to allow it to happen after appropriate contracts were executed and plans for traffic control and other items were resolved with the DPD and Parks & Rec.  Motion carried 6-0

Professional Liability Insurance RFP: Attorney Weed recommended that council put out an RFP for an outside consultant to evaluate all of the city's present insurance and mak recomendations if any should be subsequently bid out.  The motion passed 6-0.

Open IT RFP: The council spent 15 minutes opening and reading IT bids outloud.  The matter was subsequently tabled because the bids needed to be evaluated properly and compare scope. 


5. STRATEGIC PLANNING MEETING-Karen Pachuta: Council agreed to hold a two-day retreat the weekend of March 20-21 assuming the facilitator was available for both days.  Council also agree to look at holding the retreat in a neighboring city such as Norcross, Duluth, Suwanee, etc.  And perhaps have a chance to see what other cities are doing. 

6. CITY SIGNAGE-WELCOME SIGNS, NEIGHBORHOOD SIGNS, PARK AND ORDINANCE SIGNS-Brian Bates: Item was withdrawn after brief discussion.  Hope to put out an RFP after the retreat for marketing plan to address city signage and perhaps overall branding.

7. COUNCIL AGENDA ITEMS-TIME AND QUANTITY LIMIT-Brian Bates:  After much debate and discussion, council agrees, by unanimous votes, to do the following:  Change meeting start time to 6:30 p.m.; deadline for agenda items is 12:00 noon on Wednesday; Clerk is the recipient of the agenda items; documentation must be provided with agenda item to be included in the agenda packet; Clerk is also the official timekeeper; no councilmember, resident or business owner can place more than 2 new items on the agenda; order of business was changed to allow citizen comments after Mayor's report and then again at the conclusion of the meeting (this will remove sign-ups for each agenda item).  The change will take effect the first meeting in March.

8. STREET LIGHT AT CARY REYNOLDS (Aztec Road between Pine and Stewart)-Brian Bates
9. STREET LIGHT AT SEQUOYAH MIDDLE SCHOOL AT STEWART ROAD DEAD-END-Brian Bates: Presentation was made regarding dark sections of Aztec, between Stewart and Pine, adjacent to Cary Reynolds and then an additional dark section at the end of Steward Road at Sequoyah.  Cost for new light poles along Aztec was presented at $775.00 with monthly fees of $8.00 and the monthly fee of $11.00 for the brighter lamp on Stewart.  The motion passed 6-0.

10. OCCUPATIONAL TAX RECEIPT DISPLAY ORDINANCE-Murray Weed: This ordinance merely requires Occupational Tax Receipts to be displayed conspicuously at all times.  Home occupation tax receipts would need to be presented upon request.  The motion passed 6-0.

11. ADDRESSING BUSINESS CONCERNS-meeting needed-Pam Fleming:  Councilwoman Fleming presented a chart of what she believes to be the "Cause of Discontent" amongst the business owners.  She requested a follow-up special called meeting to workshop ideas to address business owner concerns.  Motion passed 6-0.

Meeting was adjourned following police and citizens comments.

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