Thursday, February 4, 2010

Atlanta Building New High School in Buckhead - What about Doraville??

Citing current and projected overcrowding at Sutton Middle School, Atlanta Public Schools announced that they will build a new high school in Buckhead and convert the existing North High into a middle school.

Now, when can we get DeKalb County to look at our overcrowded elementary schools (Cary Reynolds and Hightower), projected overcrowded middle school (Sequoyah), and a new high school??

Cary Reynolds, at present, has 6 trailers for classrooms with projected attendance slated to remain static or slight increase through 2014. There are no plans for any renovation or expansion projects for Cary Reynolds, not to mention that there is insufficient parking for teachers, requiring them to park on the street or on grass (or now, in mud).

Hightower Elementary, at present has 8 trailers for classrooms. Four of the trailers are located on or adjacent to a parking lot. The remaining four trailers require the students and teachers to walk through mud and grass to get to and from the main building each day.

Sequoyah Middle is scheduled to have a net increase of over 400 students over the next 4 years according to the April 2009 CIP Report released by DeKalb County public Schools, projecting to be over capacity by 72 students by 2016, and yet no plans for any capital improvements aside from HVAC replacement currently underway and planned new roof.

Cross Keys is projected to have, according to the 2016-17 attendance map (thanks to Atlanta Unfiltered), 280+ students more than it will have seats. What plans are being done to address that? Additionally, Combining the Dunwoody, Chamblee, and Cross Keys high school districts net attendance surplus/deficit, it shows the area in 2010-11 having 100 more students than seats and that number increasing to 900 more students than it has capacity in 2016-17

That in and off itself warrants planning RIGHT NOW for a new high school in the area, does anyone know anything about it?  I am guessing that their projections do not include ANY of the GM redevelopment and how that may impact (by increasing) their attendance projections. 
Come on Doraville, Chamblee, Dunwoody . .  time to hold DeKalb County Schools accountable for our childrens education!

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