Sunday, January 24, 2010

Revive 285 Project

According to the DeKalb Neighbor, officials are seeking residents’ input to determine the best options for the corridor as part of the Revive 285 Top End initiative by the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority.

Residents are encouraged to visit the initiative’s Web site,, to review the alternatives and post comments. Input also can be given by calling the Revive 285 project hotline at (770) 431-7445.

I had a chance to glance through the site, look at the "Alternative Overview Sheets" and came across a two maps that impacted the Doraville MARTA station as well as the GM plant. The first shows a proposed Doraville BRT (Bus Rapit Transit) route from 285 through the middle of the GM plant and then terminating where the old post office and Galloway Hardware Store is located along New Peachtree.

The second, Motors Industrial plan, shows a similar BRT but it also includes a bus termimal and parking lots located on the GM property adjacent to Motors Industrial.

Both of these, in my opinion, negatively impact the City of Doraville as well as reduce the marketability and potential use of the GM property.

Additionally, there are "Potential Impact Maps" that have been created and posted, December 2009. There are several items on the Alternative 3 & 4 Plot 3 Map that negatively impact our entire city.

Alternatives 5 & 6 also show similar proposed routes and infratstructure changes.

With the maps now made available and public, the City of Doraville needs to agressively fight these proposed changes which will further erode our city center and what is left of our New Peachtree corridor. I encourage you to contact the project hotline and voice your opposition to the BRT lines running through the GM plant and terminating on New Peachtree Road.

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