Sunday, December 15, 2013

Final Post on This Site

This will be my final post on this site . . . I have migrated all of my blog posts to my personal website and that is where my previous and all new posts will appear.

On the new site, you can subscribe to receive new posts alerts and the focus will shift a bit to be more regional and not just Doraville.

Thanks for following . . . and hope to see you on my new site here:

Have a great Holiday and let's make 2014 terrific!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 4th Meeting Summary

Here is a summary of the items on the November 4th Regular Meeting Agenda
  1. Public Hearing - rezoning 5407 Buford Highway - Hearing to rezone property from C2 to M1.  Second request was made to defer the meeting. 
    1. Motion was made to defer the public hearing to November 18th based upon a request from the applicants agent of record.  Failed for lack of second
    2. Motion was made to deny the re-zoning request.  Motion passed 6-0
  2. Ordinace to Remove Employee Policies from Code - With the City Manager in place, all employment decisions are up to the City Manager.  
    1. Motion was made to remove the employee handbook from code.  Passed 5-1 (Fleming no)
  3. Second Read on FY 2013 Budget Amendment - Adjust the revenue, some department budgets, and separate restricted funds based upon additional revenues and/or expenses.
    1. Motion was made to approve - Passed 4-2 (Fleming and Dean no)
  4. Variance Request - Fence at 2582 Addions Dr. - Applicant's fence company installed the fence in the front yard at 6 foot and without a permit.  Front yard fences are maximum 4 feet.
    1. Motion was made to deny the variance - Passed 5-1 (Fleming no)
  5. Text Amendment Discussion on C2 Car Dealerships - Discussion on adding car dealeships back into C2 with specific restrictions on being an authorized name dealership.  
    1. Motion was made to send concept to staff and PC for review and recommendation.  Passed 5-1 (Dean no)

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Negative Campaign Tactics - My Thoughts

It is unfortunate when an individual or individuals believe that they must be negative or disparaging duing an election.  If you cannot run on what you have accomplished or on a set of ideas and beliefs, then perhaps you are not the best person to run for public office, don't stoop to attacking others, but have a civilized debate and disucssion on the issues and ideas.

This week, Doraville was unfortunately on the receiving end of negative campaign tactics, not directed at me per se, but at Dawn O'Connor, my opponent in my re-election bid for Post 2 on the Doraville City Council.  Signs were placed around the city that made some pretty inaccurate and far reaching statements about her and are just not true.  The perpetrators are cowardly at best and I feel sorry for them.

Unfortunately, in addition to disparaging Dawn, the rumors started that I was behind the signs and running a negative campaign.  Perhaps that was the true intent, we may never know.

The bottom line, I find negative campaign tactics to be juvenile, reprehensible, and unbecoming of quality elected officials.  I have nothing but respect for Dawn and her husband Joe who has served the city well on our Planning Commission and I would not jeopardize our friendship by doing something that is quite frankly beneath me.

Soon all this will be behind us and we can go about our regular lives and hopefully, some day soon, those who believe in tearing down will learn a lesson and start to build-up instead.

October 21st Meeting Summary

Here is a summary of the items on the October 21st Special Called Meeting Agenda
  1. Form Based Code - Review of changes from previous worksession.  Motion was made to refer document as submitted to Planning Commission for review and comment  
    1. Passed 6-0 
  2. FY 2013 Budget Amendments - First read on adjustments to FY 2013 revenue and expense budgets.
  3. Public Hearing - rezoning 5407 Buford Highway - Hearing to rezone property from C2 to M1.  Motion was made to defer the public hearing to November 4th based upon a request from the applicants agent of record.
    1. Passed 6-0 

Meeting was adjourned at worksession was opened.

  1. Retirement Plan Revisions - Presentation was made regarding possible changes to our retirement plan.  Various proposals on changing from Defined Benefit plan (DB) to a Defined Contribution plan (DC) with different vesting schedules and employee contribution and city match.  Requested additional information for future meeting.
  2. Architectural Design Standards - November 12th date was set for Architectural Design Standards worksession
  3. Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) - Presentation was made on CIP projects and possible financing options and 5-year plan.  Detailed project list was sent to council for ranking and compilation for future meeting.  Deadline for council submission is November 4th.
  4. Stormwater Infrastructure Policy - Deferred to November 18th
  5. CMA Contract - Requested additional information to review and evaluate proposal.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 7th Meeting Summary

Here is a summary of the items on the October 7th Meeting Agenda
  1. Court Fee - proposal to add a $25.00 Court Processing Fee to all tickets.  
    1. Passed 5-1 Dean voting no
  2. Subdivision of Commercial Parcel - Submittal of final plat to subdivide parcel #0627804002.  Splitting 2 commercial buildings at 6685 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. into 2 separate parcels.
    1. Passed 5-1 Dean voting no
  3. Speed Detection List - Received updated list of speed limits and roads where PD can use speed detection devices.  List was updated as a result of annexation and requests to modify existing list to add additional roads for speed detection.
    1. Passed 6-0 

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Doraville Wing Stop Hosts 2 Promotions

Our newest restaurant, Wing Stop is holding 2 promotions next week.

Monday, September 30th is their Take 5 promtion.  All day long, get 5 FREE wings.  Your choice of flavors.  Store is open 11 am to midnight.

Swing by lunch or dinner and have wings on the house!

Saturday, October 5th, for those who are brave enough, try their Atomic Challenge!

The person who eats the most ATOMIC bone-in wings in 3 minutes will win wings for a year.  All contestants will get a free t-shirt . . so if you are feeling brave or need to sweat a little, come on out and join the fun.  Sure to be exciting and maybe a little gross.

Glad to have a new community partner with us, come out and support them!

Cary Reynolds and Sequoyah Campus Clean-ups Scheduled

Cary Reynolds Elementary Campus Clean-Up

Saturday, September 28th
9 - 11 am

Projects Include:

Weeding courtyards
Laying pinestraw
Planting flowers
Trash pick-up on campus

Sequoyah Middle School Campus Clean-Up

Saturday, October 5th
8 - Noon

See the flyer for more information.

Hope to see you at these important community and school activities!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16 Zoning Hearing and Subsequent Worksession

Here is a summary of the item on the September 16th Zoning Meeting

Conditional Use Permit Hearing for Church at 2000 CLearview Avenue Suite 214 - a previous CUP was issued for the same applicant for suite 116.  However, that space was not built-out and applicant failed to get building permit and chose not to go through the expense of renovation.  Suite 214 was built out and landlord agreed to relocate applicant.  A new CUP for the new suite was requested:
    1. Motion was made to allow the CUP with conditions of no outside events  
      1. Passed 5-1  Dean voting no
City Initated Rezoning to nullify the previously approved CUP for Suite 116 - As part of the issuance of the CUP for suite 214, a motion was made to remove the CUP for suite 116.
    1. Motion was made to repeal the CUP for suite 116  
      1. Passed 5-1  Fleming voting no

Meeting was adjourned at 7:16 p.m. and we moved into the worksession.

No action was taken during the worksession.

Discussion Items:

Zoning Review Update - Requested specific zoning sections to be brought before council for policy discussion and vote.

Court Cost Adding Process Fee - Requested additional information on other cities and what, if any, processing fees they charge.

Architectural Standards - Discussion of issues with existing drafts, versions 1 and 2; need for photographs and write standards to accomodate vision; match with comp plan; and review local neighboring cities arch standards.

Stormwater Infrastructure - Discussion on ordinance draft to clearly state what the city is responsible for with regards to stormwater systems and associated repair and maintenance.

CMA Presentation - Presentation on micro-cell sites that would replace or reduce need for cell towers.  More information was requested.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:20.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 9 Special Called Meeting Summary

Here is a summary of the item on the September 9th Special Called Meeting Agenda
  1. Amendment to Chapter 5 Building Regulations - proposal to add 3 criteria for retail, service, or wholesale businesses:
    1. Add minimum square footage of 1,000 sf
    2. Require that the business be fully enclosed on all sides
    3. Require that the business have a fully enclosed ceiling, separating it from other businesses.  
      1. Passed 5-0
Meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m. and we moved into the second part of our strategic planning session.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Moveis Under the Stars - Saturday, September 7th

Saturday September 7th, the City will sponsor “Movies Under the Stars,” a free, 30-foot screening of 42: The Jackie Robinson Story. The event will be held at Honeysuckle Park.
The park opens at 6:00 p.m. The event also features kids inflatables, face painting, games, a live band (Vintage Boogie Band) and food. The movie starts at dark. Everyone is welcome and those interested in attending should bring a lawn chair and a blanket in case it gets chilly. Picnics are encouraged and concessions will be made available.
Released in 2013, 42 is a biographical sports film that focuses on the life of baseball player Jackie Robinson who wore number 42. Jackie Robinson broke professional baseball’s color barrier in 1947.